RIP Google Reader: On the merits of slow reading

I am starting to believe humans will require more processing power and storage soon. Hopefully, that urban legend / 9th grade myth that we only use 10% of our brain is correct. Maybe it’s like a video game: we have to get to a certain level of tech prowess before we can unlock the rest and go into warp Mario speed.

The New Yorker reminded me that Google Reader is bidding us farewell today. One heralded replacement fix is the Twitter stream, or a deluge of posts that contain relevant, real-time news and dangling analyses. But what about those moments when you’re less interested in what happened 5 seconds ago, or 5 minutes ago, and are more concerned with the news of the last 5 days, or 5 years?

To catch the later show, you have to rely on the collective echo, a critical mass of people sharing a story or commentary, with the undertone, “Wait, you didn’t hear about this yet? Are you living under a rock?” To which the proper answer is, “No actually, I was outside rock climbing, but hey, you should get that concussion checked out.”

Perhaps the saddest part about this post is that I’ve probably already written some version of this last week, last month, last year, but there’s so much going on, who will notice?

RIP Google Reader.


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