Forbes: The Next Wave of E-Commerce Innovation

I wrote a piece for Forbes’ Techonomy about what’s next for e-commerce, namely creative commerce. Here’s a snippet, and you can read the full piece here.

In the United States, online retail is experiencing double-digit growth. By 2015 it is projected to be a nearly $300 billion market. So what will drive future growth?

The current evidence from leaders like Etsy and suggest that e-commerce will grow via optimization: flash sales, subscriptions, social recommendations, crowdsourcing, advertorials, better targeting of customers, etc. Brick and mortar retail is also going through a slow reawakening with the advent of in-store mobile commerce. At a minimum, we can expect smarter experiences that tap into the latest and greatest from behavioral economics, big data, and improved technology (i.e., faster mobile, widespread broadband access, and ubiquitous displays).

However, e-commerce is likely to go beyond better of the same; it will be different. Looking at creative trends and the emergence of 3D printing communities, we can expect the rise of “creative commerce” (c-commerce).  It will be a shift from a two-sided marketplace (BUY and SELL) to a dynamicmakerplace (CREATE, BUY and SELL).

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