Rumble tumble: My overt flirations with other blogging platforms

On the afternoon leading up to Hurricane Irene, I decided to finally call tumblr back. I had set up the account months prior, but in typical fashion, life got the better of me. Perhaps if it had texted or called more often, I would have rekindled the flame sooner. In part, I felt that really trying it out would be “cheating” on WordPress, but I saw and heard enough positive feedback that I had to try it out for myself. And hey, different area code…different URL?

So, I decided to keep WordPress for longer-form spirals of thought and geeky diatribes, whereas tumblr would focus on visual curation. It’s still a work in progress, but I have to say, tumblr and I have had a pretty awesome fling thus far. It has this great way of always making me look good (thanks to a beautiful theme called “Native Citizens”) and is super adaptive to my lifestyle (loving the bookmarklet).

So while I’m definitely not saying bye to WordPress and have a couple posts lined up, this might have to be more of an “open relationship.” At least I’m honest, right?

With that I give you:

At least I'm not having an identity crisis...


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