Art Everywhere

Spending a week in the stunning Colorado and California ignited my lust for visual beauty. And while NYC is no natural wonderland, the city’s art and architecture often serve as quite satiating eye candy. When the city lacks, there is always the web.

I like to think that art is everywhere, at least for those looking…

Below is a unofficial, hodgepodge round up of some spaces and places where at least one of your senses can get its fix.

ART, in the traditional sense

Museum of Architecture and Design – “Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities (through Sept 17)

In an age of massive proportions (i.e., oversized meals, wheels, and IPOs), it’s not surprising that the miniature can yield an overwhelming sense of awe. MAD has curated a visually striking show of small worlds that calls into question exactly what is real. Some of the pieces are shown in two stages, with the diorama and photographic representation side by side. Included in this bunch is a personal favorite, Lori Nix, whose “The City” series shows destroyed, decaying worlds.

Beauty Parlor, by Lori Nix

Alan Wolfson’s “Canal Street Cross Section”  masters the art of deception with a subway scene that would make you forget you’re above ground (the website photography does not do it justice). Also, not to miss is the mesmerizing “Garden of Unearthly Delights” by Mat Collishaw:

For more intel and a glimpse of what to expect, check out the review by @marytom.

Artspace is a relatively new website founded by the former COO of DailyCandy that showcases affordable art by contemporary artists. In addition to sales, though, its collections are visually striking and intellectually provocative. I particularly like “Fantasy Realms” collection, whose imaginative scenery transport the viewer to another place or time.

"Untitled 2" by Claire Rojas

"From the Earth" by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, 2007

Though likely unintentional, I love the resemblance of Guðleifsdóttir's work to "Christina’s World" by Andrew Wyeth (at MOMA)

Other similar sites worth checking out are Paddle 8, whose site focuses on online exhibitions, and ArtLog, a curated guide to art on the web and in your city. And perhaps the best daily email I get is from Flavorwire, a cultural blog, who yesterday had a series on outsider art.


André Chénier Opera Set floating in Austria's Lake Constance

FastCo Design unearthed an incredible opera set designed by David Fielding. Writer Belinda Lanks explains, “The set is not only a visual feast, it’s a feat of engineering.

This is clearly not the first time art and music meld. In 2010, William Kentridge designed the set for the Met’s The Nose. And of course, there’s Frank Gehry’s stunning Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles, whose external structure and built in organ are seeping with musical tones.


The Fancy, a website about which I’ve written before, recently launched a recommendations page. It’s an amalgamation of quirky and surreal across the web, all in high resolution and most available for purchase. Some of this week’s favorites:


Also a recent go-to for visual eye candy is’s design inspiration page:

May the impending hurricane not blur your vision…Happy Friday.


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