Urban Dictionary: “SML”

SML, or “story of my life.”

The feeling that life has an eerie way of repeating itself in various forms over time and / or that one tends to repeat the same mistakes again and again despite palpable reminders of lessons learned. Also can be used to describe self-aggrandizing memoirs written by people under 35, often with a “me-ism” or “religion of me” theme recurring throughout. Not to be confused with “FML.”

Example (overheard in a Willamsburg cafe on Sunday): Dude, I was going to stop drinking after that 4th mai thai, but I really wanted to collect all 8 colors of those mini umbrellas for my next tiki-themed party. SML.


  1. Eric K

    I wonder who wrote this hilarious post in urban dictionary…Its so clever and insightful

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