Well Said

I’ve been meaning to write more often, and hopefully in shorter posts. In an effort to make my life particularly easy this time around, below is a thought-provoking quote from Jonathan Franzen’s How to Be Alone, a collection of essays on “the erosion of civil life and private dignity; and the hidden persistence of loneliness in postmodern, imperial America” (published in 2002). He writes:

The will to record indelibly, to set down stories in permanent words, seems to me akin to the conviction that we are larger than our biologies. I wonder if our current cultural susceptibility to the charms of materialism–our increasing willingness to see psychology as chemical, identity as genetic, and behavior as the product of bygone exigencies of human evolution–isn’t intimately related to the postmodern resurgence of the oral and the eclipse of the written: our incessant telephoning, our ephemeral e-mailing, our steadfast devotion to the flickering tube.

I’ll refrain from commentary for now, although this might spark a longer post down the road. Who knows. In the meantime, happy almost Monday.


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