For someone who would like to consider herself an aspiring digital anthropologist,

it sure took a seriously long time for me to figure out how to get my widgets working. Dun dun dun, Twitter and Delicious are now streaming live to Muddled Fairytales. Here, here to another cause for procrastination!

For those of you not using Delicious, allow this to be your first formal warning. It is an incredible ‘social bookmarking’ tool, which essentially allows you to keep track of all the great articles, websites, blogs, recipes, music etc. etc. (careful, it’s somewhat public) that you find online. With the click of a button, you can ‘tag’ articles with the categories and keywords come to mind — your own personal taxonomy. And you can even summarize the page so upon reflection, reminding yourself why you ever thought you’d want to be able to look back upon the wikipedia page on envelope glue (…sample summary: Tongue started to itch today after sealing 3,000 envelopes for lackluster politician I’m currently supporting. Call to the doctor might be in order if odd sensation persists).

Below is an example of the pop-up window that appears with the click of a button on your browser:

The ‘social’ aspect involves being able to share these sites with friends or the general meandering public through Delicious itself, Twitter or directly to email. Time to let the inner librarian loose, friends.


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